Bonus points in 1xbet. How to get and use them?

Bonus points in 1xbet: what are they, how are they credited, how to use and bet, how much can be earned. All the questions you had, we will try to solve in a special article. Read carefully - and you will not have any problems with "free" offers from BK 1hbet and the conditions of their use.

Since 2016 to all the problems with the bonus program added another one. When trying to go to the site nothing works! The direct links to 1xbet. com don't work. You will have to twist and turn to find a way to enter: applications, programs, mirrors. If you have no desire to "get creative" with all the attempts to bypass the blocking, go to the personal account of 1xbet. 1xbet is a professional betting company, for registering with which you will be given up to $100 bonus. The terms are favorable, the coverage is wide, the odds are pleasant. Why don't you try betting?

The article is a set of answers to the questions that are so interesting to the customers of a bookmaker's office. Read carefully - and you no longer have to "chisel" technical support, write on forums or leave comments on social networks.

What do I get bonus points for in 1xbet?

The grounds are different. In this material we will try to list the main ones.

- The bets made in the personal account of the bookmaker's office. It depends on them, the bonus on how much you get: 100 points, 11, 129, 300, 400 or more. In winter 2017, the administration changed the work of the algorithm and tightened it.

- Participation in promotions and prediction contests. For winning them you can get from 100 to 10,000 bonus points (or more). The administration is constantly coming up with novelties and trying to make it interesting for customers. Just be careful! Otherwise, the pursuit of freebies will lead to the complete drain of the deposit.

- 1xbet. Guess all 12 out of 12 outcomes in the sweepstakes - and the administration will give you up to 10,000 points on your account. Next, you need to go to the "Showcase" ("Shop") and exchange it for a promo code.

- Promotion "Lucky of the day". For participation in it the administration will credit up to 500 points to your additional (bonus) account.

- Games. In my personal cabinet provided 6 exciting bonus games: "Treasure Hunt", "Memory Check", "Lottery", "Daily Lottery". Come to BK to indulge yourself and get 50 bonus points or more.

Do you know any other ways to get the "plushie"? Share with the players, tell them about your experience.

How to make a bonus bet at 1xbet?

Points will have to be exchanged for a promo code - these are the conditions of 1xbet. Next, you add the outcomes to the coupon. Leave the box with the bet amount empty. Fill only the cell, which specifies the "Promocode". It remains to click on the button "Make a bet" and wait for a special window-notification that your bet is accepted. Make sure that the function "1-click betting" is turned off! Otherwise you will not be able to take advantage of the bonus offer from the bookmaker's office.

How do I use my bonus balance at 1xbet?

Only through the purchase of promo codes. You can not take and start betting on points. If you try to "pull off" such a thing, you will get an error message. There are professional bettors who don't look at the bonus account at all, they don't want to be distracted by the subtleties associated with betting.

Who needs bonus points in 1xbet and why?

The administration of 1xbet in the first place. Or do you really think that the bookmaker's office implements bonus offers for your earnings? As a rule, they are necessary in order to:

- Attract the attention of the audience.

- To activate bets on a certain sport or on a certain entertainment.

- Increase turnover, deal with seasonal drops in profits.

Where to find the main and bonus account 1xbet?

In the personal cabinet. They are located next to each other. To see the amount of real money and bonus points, click on "personal cabinet". In it you will also be able to track the history of betting, changes in odds, transfers of money to a friend or withdrawal attempts.

What are the conditions of 1xbet bonus program? Can I always use the offer at my own discretion?

Yes, you can. But to do so, you will have to comply with the conditions that are spelled out in the "plus". To learn more about them, go to the "Bonuses" section and click on the offers you are interested in. We'll take a few typical ones as an example. This is necessary so that you understand what you are messing with and what subtleties and intricacies are important to remember.

- "First Deposit." According to the conditions, you will receive up to $100 to your account. But you can withdraw them only if you "wrap" the amount of expresses with the odds of each outcome greater than 1.40. The bonus must be increased 5 times in 1 month. By making a bet, you risk your own money.

- "Series of unsuccessful bets". Allows you to get up to $500, but imposes serious conditions. You must make more than 20 losing bets in a row, and then write to the administration.

- "Lucky Friday." (used to be called "Black"). Charges up to $100 per deposit, but you have to "raise" that amount three times in 1 week. If you don't make it in time, the bun will "burn out" and you'll waste your time and money.